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Sadly, Saho is going on a 4-1/2 month hiatus. School is super hectic, cause senior life but I'll be back!! Before you even notice~

Much love, Saho.
Tagged by: :iconkaahgome:

1:What color are your socks?
Uhhm black and white striped ; v ; / I like sockos~

2:Have you ever lied about your age? Why?
I did XD When I was 13 I said I was 15 so I seemed cool.

3:What is something you regret in the past month?
Not turning in my project on timeu. ;v ; / Got a mark off OTL

4:Do you believe in love at first sight?
I do ; v ; / A bit XD

5:When was the last time you wrote someone a letter on paper?
A bout 6 month ago, but I really want a pen pal ; v ; /

6:How old were you when you first learned how to ride a bike? Who taught you?
XD like 6 , I was riding down out driveway and ran into a mailbox.

7:Do you get along with your parents? Why or why not?
Yeah w/ my mommie~

8:What’s your favorite season?
Wynter cause it is the best XD

9:Do you currently like someone?
I doooooo ; v ; /

10:Have you ever used an Ouija board?
No, nooooooooooooo way!

11:What’s the last song you sang?
Joyful Joyful -Sister Act 2

12:What’s your favorite scent?
Fresh grass and garden scents ;v ; /

13:What’s your favorite urban legend?
The Human pillars ; o ;

14:What’s a bad habit that you have?
Walking around naked after taking a shower. ; n ;  It is just so comfy.

15:What’s a strange habit that you have?
Talking in a weird language I made when I get angry. XD

16:What’s the first instrument that you learned to play?

17:How would you describe your ‘type?’
Theeeeeee......uhm type?

18:Would you rather stay in or go out?
I like going out, but staying in is just as fun~

19:What was the last thing you said to your mom?

20:Do you want to get married someday?
;v ; I do. It is one of my dreams.

21:Have you ever snuck out?
Yeah when I was 4 I told my mom that I was running away like the girl in a movie I had just watched. I told her I was going to become a super hero and ran away. Then I walked across the street to the neighborhood playground.  ; v ; / I got a whopping that night

22:Can you sing well?
; v ; / I think so.

23:What’s an embarrassing thing that happened this week?
I feel on top of my teacher and he is like.... cute. > /// > But he isn't my typo, entirely > v <

24:When was the last time you went sledding?
I've never been.

25:Have you ever/do you liked someone you know you can never be with?
I have. ; v ; / I do :iconsawbplz:

26:Do people often mispronounce your name?
Yes they say, SaHOE instead of SaYHoe

27:Would you like to live in another country?
Yeah somewhere in Europe or China O v O /

28:Do you like to watch ghost-hunting shows?

29:Who was the last person you said you loved to?
....My dog. > v >

30:What’s something you’d like to be better at?
Hmm art? Maybe math~

31:Have you ever stayed up to talk to someone who was sad?

32:What was the last thing you cooked?
Chicken curry

33:Do you think you would make a good parent?
I think so~~~~ <3

34:Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
Yeah, I get withdrawls from not roleplaying XDD

35:Where is your best friend right now?
In Brazil and Atlanta ; v ; /

36:How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
2 hours LOL

37:How late do you usually stay up at night?
12- 1AM I don't get sleep

38:When was the last time you cried and why?
Uhm I can't remember....

39:Have you ever won a contest?
I have O v O

40:Can you draw well?
I'm working on it~

41:Would you ever date someone you met on Tumblr/the internet?
I would if I knew it was real and had a chance of being real in real ;v ; /

42:What was the last thing you ate?
Chicken Curry XD

43:Do you think you’re/you’d make a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
I hope. ;v ; /

44:Have you ever had a near-death experience?
I have, I almost drowned in Puetro Rico

45:What do you think people think of you?
Idk ;v ; /

46:What is your middle name and do you like it?
Lillie and yeah > v

47:Are you close with either of your parents?
My mommie

48:Do you like yourself?
I'm trying ; v ; /

49:State five facts about your appearance –
Tall, a bit curvy, long hair, has bewbs and long arms. ; v ; /

50:State five facts about your personality –
Shy, Understanding, Blunt, Weird annnnnnnd Loveable <33

Random pokemon generator:
1) Switch to "All regions"
2) Switch to "1"
3) Only one pokemon per question
4) Tag at least one person when you're finished

Tagged by nobody cause I stole from sempai ; v ; /

Extra) This is you

WHAAAAAT. Give unto me your emotions, omnomnom

1)This Pokemon is your best friend!


I likea da dragons man. His name is Sally lol

2)This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion


.....whut.  Oh well.

3)This Pokemon is your partner in a science project

He does all the work. I swear. XD

4)This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you

I stole his girl....that is all.

6) This Pokemon is your boyfriend/girlfriend (Changed it, it can be either)

Now this makes for an interesting pair. OTP ALREADY OHOHO.

7)This Pokemon is your Ex

He was a dweeb....

8) This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment

Noo man...I'm with Glaceon can you see? Geeezz...

9)This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake

Says she going to clean my fridge...actually does.

10) This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night

Shit it's the Sandman...!

11) This Pokemon Punched your Mom

Wait so...if I'm Mespirit does that mean Arceus is my mom...? ....Oh my...

12)This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes


13)This Pokemon died by your hands

She tried to steal my man....

14)This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life

Now that is what I'm talkin bout...

15) This Pokemon is your loving pet


16) This Pokemon is your Dentist

This is why I don't go to the dentist.

17)This Pokemon is what you dream about every day

Did you see that Onee~? This is so accurate ; v ; !!



If you guys haven't already done this ; v ; /
It has started. So I'll be on as much as a possibly can, but I'll still be really busy.

Rules: Don't really know them. XD


Name: Saho

Nickname: Lillie, Yuki, or Little one (Only for Onee tho ; v ; <3 )

Birthday: November 11th

Gender: FEmale

Sexuality: Swans <3

Height: 175cm <3

Time Zone: JST

What time and date is it there: 9:28 AM JST Friday, August 22, 2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: I would saaaaay...none LOL or 4hrs

OTPs: Sawako X Kazehaya, Levi x Eren, Dark Link x Link, ooooooh and Hope x Lightening

The last thing I Googled was: LOL....pico x coco x chico....idk y

My most used phrase(s): O v O or ; v ; /, or thankies <3

First word that comes to mind: whut. literally

What I last said to a family member: "Do you want me to put your potatoes in the fridge?" to my older brother.

One place that makes me happy & why: My bedroom....cause it is clean and quiet XD

How many blankets I sleep under: 3 XD But I kick most of them off.

Favorite beverage: Uhmmm...Lemonade or anything with tea in it. <3

The last movie I watched in the cinema:  Maleficent w/ my Dad while I was in Seattle. O v O

Three things I can’t live without: air, water, and food??? (or internet...I can take food away)

Something I plan on learning: I'm currently learning Korean ~ Sarangmnida~~ <33

A piece of advice for all my watchers: Don't drop the ice cream <3

You all have to listen to this song: W h a t song? o n o . . . ?


1. Your favorite fandom merch in your possession? :3 : My Levi figma~ I haven't opened it yet cause I'm afraid I'm going to do dirty things to with it ; v ; / (FWP)

2. What kind of sleeper are you? Do you twist an turn a lot? do you snore? Do you sleep like a baby? : LOL I kinda sleep crazy. My mom found me one time with my butt up in the air and all my covers off the bed. < v < AT LEAST I GET GOOD SLEEP~!

3. What place in the world do you plan to visit some day? : California O v O I hear it is nice.

4. Where is the body? *suspicious stare* :  Don't look in the freezer...I'm just sayin'....

5. Favorite supernatural power? : The power two make anyone wet with the sound of my voice~   or immortality.

6. Do you hate your internet provider? : When I'm with my dad? YES. Fuuuuuuuuck comcast. When I'm with my mom? No. hehe

7. How often do you eat slices of bread and how many per day? : Bread is fattening //shot    About 5 times a week > v > Maybe 1 or two a day.

8. That one animal you find to be so fucking weird but also very rad? : Peacocks...idk y

9. Tumblr dies forever… what do you do? : me no have tumblr.... ; v ; /

10. Write here a message you would leave to a dear family member~ : Dear Baba, Stop calling me pudding cakes. You know my name, USE IT. -Love Saho <3


1. did you watch digimon and if you did, which seasons? : I....have...NEVER...watched a whole season of Digimon. I...just can't. I have watched a few episodes as a little girl.

2. do you like dubs? (any dubs, but uh how bout digimon dubs) : I like a few...but alot of them suck.  Just sayin'

3. do you prefer subs or dubs? : Subs <3

4. whats the last thing you ate? : Potatoes w/ Sour Cream and Spicy Chicken Alfredo. (I made it myself <3 )

5. are you hungry atm? : No.

6. do you draw? : Yes.

7. do you like the fandom you’re currently in? : What?

8. is there something you’re currently addicted to? (a song, anime, food, drink, jerking off, whatever man) : Roleplaying (Though I don't do it much, lol wut)

9. what do you want from santa for this christmas?? ;^D : WORLD PEACE

10. did you ever buy things online?? : Too least that is what my dad says XD
Sadly, Saho is going on a 4-1/2 month hiatus. School is super hectic, cause senior life but I'll be back!! Before you even notice~

Much love, Saho.


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